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These materials are for your general information and are not a substitute for medical advice. You should contact your  physician with any questions about your health, treatment, or care.

Thyroid Disease
Ann Arbor Endocrinology provides expert care for those suffering from thyroid conditions. Some basic subjects such as what exactly does the thyroid gland do, what is hypo- or hyperthyroidism, what thyroid treatment products do, and the effects you’ll experience over time are covered here for your information.

Thyroid Basics
Thyroid Ultrasound
Thyroid Biopsy
Low Iodine Diet Guidelines

Some information covered here will assist in educating you on the basics of diabetes the disease. For a more detailed discussion of your particular case, contact your physician.
Blood Glucose Monitoring Flow Sheet
Preparing and Injecting Insulin Dose
Insulin Rotation Record
Medication Instructions for Colonoscopy

Travelling with Diabetes
Planning a Trip
Travelling with Supplies
Air Travel Fact Sheet Provided by the American Diabetes Association
TSA Screening Procedures
TSA Travellers With Disabilities and Medical Conditions
Changes in Allowances for Persons with Disabilities at Airport Security

Collection of 24 Hour Urine Specimen

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