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Ann Arbor Endocrinology and Diabetes Associates (AAEDA) was established in 1987 by Dr. Jeffrey Sanfield, M.D. The mission of the practice is to provide evidence-based care using all of the information we know about various conditions, and apply that knowledge in a personal and comprehensive manner to our patients.

Our physicians have been practicing on average more than ten years. St Joseph Hospital Diabetic Center is available to provide diabetes-related education and instruction. All of our staff are familiar with the Ann Arbor, Southeast Michigan area and, therefore, can link you to the appropriate services such as diabetes education locations, or if necessary, another specialist or surgeon who may be required to assist in your care.

AAEDA strongly believes in teamwork, communication, and privacy as it serves your needs. We provide consultative services to referring physicians, including your own primary care physician.

  • Jeffrey A. Sanfield M.D, F.A.C.P., C.D.E. & Anuradha L. Puttagunta M.D, F.A.C.P.
  • Suma Amarnath M.D., M.P.H & Anita Lopes Repp M.D.
  • Dr Jayathilaka M.D & Anju Dalal MS.FNP-C
Why Choose Ann Arbor Endocrinology & Diabetes Associates?

Why Choose Ann Arbor Endocrinology & Diabetes Associates?

  • Experienced and Trusted Care: Our team of five highly experienced endocrinologists offers over 80 years of combined expertise in managing a wide range of endocrine conditions, including weight management. We bring decades of proven care and successful patient outcomes, ensuring you receive the highest standard of medical attention.
  • Prompt Appointments: Don’t wait months for your appointment. While some providers have extended wait times, we can see new patients within just two weeks. Your health is our priority, and we ensure timely and effective care.
  • Personalized and Compassionate Service: We believe in patient-centered care, providing personalized treatment plans tailored to your unique needs, whether it’s for diabetes, thyroid issues, or weight management. Our dedication to your well-being sets us apart from larger, impersonal practices.
  • Comprehensive Weight Management: Managing your weight can significantly impact your overall health. Our specialists offer comprehensive weight management programs designed to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. We combine medical expertise with practical lifestyle advice to support your journey towards better health.
  • Competitive Edge: While other groups may refer within their network, we offer unbiased, high-quality care with a focus on what’s best for you. Trust Ann Arbor Endocrinology & Diabetes Associates for top-notch, compassionate healthcare that prioritizes your unique health needs.


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Our Specialties

AAEDA offers care for all general endocrinology type cases including, but not limited to:

Acromegaly (excessive growth hormone)
Adrenal Insufficiency or Underproduction (Addison’s)
Adrenal Development Disorders
Adrenal Overproduction (Cushing’s Syndrome)
Diabetes Gestational (Diabetes diagnosed during pregnancy)

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